Monday, March 17, 2014

Thumb wrestles & Jacob

Tonight wrestling played a major part of our family night! Thumb wrestles, arm wrestles & leg wrestles! Kids loved it! Squeeling with delight as wrestles became stacks on daddy!!

The night included many laughs as we read the story if Jacob & his wrestle with God. We were very impressed to hear how much the kids remembered about the background of Jacob, his family and life. Toby reeling off names and locations & stories perfectly! Love it!

We looked tonight about what it means to wrestle with God, things we might wrestle with him included; decisions, things we do or don't want to do, and giving examples of times we have wrestled & questioned.

Asking questions is a vital part of growth, and especially spiritual growth. Giving our kids an environment where they can always ask questions is one of our families key values!

I would like to say that although I lost my thumb & arm wrestles, I did win at leg wrestles!! Even against Adam, to his dismay & my delight!

How's your family going?