Monday, March 17, 2014

Thumb wrestles & Jacob

Tonight wrestling played a major part of our family night! Thumb wrestles, arm wrestles & leg wrestles! Kids loved it! Squeeling with delight as wrestles became stacks on daddy!!

The night included many laughs as we read the story if Jacob & his wrestle with God. We were very impressed to hear how much the kids remembered about the background of Jacob, his family and life. Toby reeling off names and locations & stories perfectly! Love it!

We looked tonight about what it means to wrestle with God, things we might wrestle with him included; decisions, things we do or don't want to do, and giving examples of times we have wrestled & questioned.

Asking questions is a vital part of growth, and especially spiritual growth. Giving our kids an environment where they can always ask questions is one of our families key values!

I would like to say that although I lost my thumb & arm wrestles, I did win at leg wrestles!! Even against Adam, to his dismay & my delight!

How's your family going?

Monday, February 10, 2014

Family values & goals for 2014

After a few weeks break over Summer, we started back today with our Family night! 
Rather than starting straight into regular story routine, this year we decided to look at what are the things important to our family and create some values and goals. Each of us took time to think about the things we'd like for our family. This included things like eating dessert, being kind, argueing respectfully, getting personal fish & fish tank, family games nights and some other great ideas.

We came up with some great ideas that we shared together. Then went about voting on our favorites with stickers. We came out with our top 6 values & goals for 2014. What do you think of them?

Looking forward to what 2014 holds for the Butler family.